Get Our Free e-Book: So You Want to Be a Farrier

Free e-book: So You Want to be a Farrier?

Free e-book: So You Want to be a Farrier?

Horseshoeing may look easy, but what appears to be simple is really quite complicated and very physically demanding. If you think you want to become a farrier (or know someone who does), this book can help you make that decision. Horse owners will learn the importance of choosing a qualified farrier and how to select the “right” one.

You’ll learn about:

  • Skills necessary to become a farrier Free E-Book: So You Want to Be a Farrier
  • Training and licensing
  • Income potential
  • Potential risks
  • Qualifications for being a successful farrier
  • Opportunities in horseshoeing
  • How to find and select a farrier
  • How to learn the horseshoeing craft
  • How to select a farrier school
  • Free “Farrier Career Matrix” chart

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